The North Jetty

The jetty protects the entrance to the Galveston/Houston Ship Channel. The North Jetty Road, 1.7 miles from the Ferry Landing, is unmarked except for a large sign on the inland side of the highway. The road dead-ends into the North Jetty, one of the two jetties which guard the entrance to the ship channel.
The jetty was built of huge granite blocks in the 1890's by the Army Corp of Engineers. Without the jetties, large ships would not be able to travel the channel as the channel would silt over and boats with more than a 12 foot draft would be unable to navigate through the area.

  The North Jetty extends five miles into the Gulf. People love to go crabbing there. For a remarkable experience the visitor may walk two miles out on the jetty. He will encounter countless fishermen and possibly even a hermit crab crossing the walk with his 'house' on his back.

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