Board approves changes in sewage rules

The Daily News - Published August 29, 2005

LA MARQUE — The Galveston County United Board of Health recently approved changes to the process of permitting septic and other on-site sewage systems on Galveston Island and Bolivar Peninsula.

These changes will become effective Thursday.

Before any new on-site sewage facility can be permitted, a soil analysis for groundwater evaluation must be made to determine whether the soil surrounding the proposed system is suitable for such use.

The changes have become necessary to ensure proper identification of groundwater levels in these areas.

Failure to properly identify groundwater levels may lead to installation of unsuitable types of septic systems, which may contaminate groundwater and impact public health, health officials said.

Beginning Thursday, all groundwater evaluations will be verified by Galveston County Health District on-site sewage inspectors.

The evaluations will cost $64 and may be done before or after the submission of the required facility plan.

Health district officials said they would prefer that inspectors verify the soil and groundwater analysis before plans are submitted.

That would help homeowners in keeping to their construction timelines, officials said.

Under the new procedures, homeowners or their agents will have to prepare a soil pit for evaluation by health district environmental inspectors.

“We anticipate these changes will result in positive improvements to the process of installing on-site sewage systems on the Bolivar Peninsula and Galveston Island,” said Martin Entringer, manager of consumer health services at the district.

Information on the changes is available from
the health district at (409) 938-2458.
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