Port Bolivar Cemetery Historical Marker
On the grounds of the Port Bolivar Cemetery
Historical Markers on Bolivar Peninsula-Port Bolivar Cemetery
Port Bolivar Cemetery was established between 1885 and 1890. There was seven recorded graves before 1900. They were the descendants of the Simptonís, Schreiberís, Clintonís and Meggís. In the early 1900 the recorded family graves are Johnsonís, Lindnerís, Langham and Shaw. There are dome unknown names for grave site located in the cemetery. In 1994 Jane Ewing located and record all graves. 1972 1.76 acres and in 1994 1.33 acres was donated by the Jeffery Family. In 2011 the Andrew Johnson Family donated 0.36 acres. The cemetery is free of charge for the residents of Port Bolivar and their families. The cemetery is maintained by donations and volunteers. For more information website search Find a Grave Port Bolivar Cemetery.

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