The Breakers Historical Marker
On Hwy 87, approx 1.5 miles west of Rollover
Historical Markers on Bolivar Peninsula-The Breakers
(The Breakers was destroyed in Hurricane Ike. The original marker was recently re-installed on the property.)

Terrence Meche, a Ships Carpenter, built this beach house in 1884, using materials shipped in from Pensacola, Florida. Although the house withstood the devastating 1900 Storm, Meche and his family abandoned it. William D. and Ruth McLean Gordon purchased the house in 1905 and named it the “Breakers”. Used as a vacation home by the Gordon Family for many years, the Breakers underwent a number of alterations including relocation to higher ground. It survived the 1915 Hurricane and subsequent gulf storms, and has become a noted local landmark. (1990)

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