Rollover Fish Pass Historical Marker
Original Rollover Fish Pass Marker
Historical Markers on Bolivar Peninsula-Rollover Fish Pass

Today-all that remains of the marker damaged by Hurricane Ike
Historical Markers on Bolivar Peninsula-Rollover Fish Pass
A strait approximately 200 feet wide, 5 feet deep and more than 1,600 feet long across Bolivar Peninsula – was opened in 1955 by the Texas Game and Fish Commission as part of its continuing program to perpetuate and improve the state’s fish and wildlife resources.

The commission’s purposes in constructing this pass were to introduce into East Bay sufficient quantities of sea water to increase bay water salinity, and to provide additional opportunity for travel of marine fish to and from spawning and feeding areas in the bay.

Lower salinity in East Bay was caused by the discharge of several fresh water streams into the area on the mainland side of the peninsula. This excessive fresh water not only limited the existence of marine fish but also restricted the growth of submerged vegetation, which provides nursery areas and forms the basis of the food cycle for marine life.

Creation of Rollover Fish Pass has greatly improved salt water fishing conditions for the thousands of sportsmen who flock to East Bay throughout the year.Known as Rollover long before the Texas Game and fish Commission constructed the fish pass, this site has a history steeped in legend dating back to the days of the Spaniards and continuing through the American prohibition period. According to legend, it was first called Rollover because certain early ship captains preferring to avoid contact with the customs station at Galveston would roll barrels of imorted merchandise from the gulf side of Bolivar Peninsula over to East Bay. From there the barrels were transferred to the mainland without further formality.

The same rolling procedure – in reverse – also is said to have been used for selected items of export.

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