Hurricane IKE - September 13, 2008
Crystal Beach & Bolivar Peninsula
Hurricane Ike made landfall in the early morning hours of September 13, 2008 as a strong Category 2 hurricane. Hurricane-force winds extended 120 miles from the center and tropical storm-force winds extending outward up to 275 miles. The largest storm surge was estimated at 17 feet -- and possibly 20 feet in some areas.
Interesting IKE Facts
The destruction caused by Hurricane IKE
(this is only a small sampling of the thousands of photos taken after the storm)

Aerial Panoramics of Bolivar (Interactive 360° X 180° immersive panoramic images)
On-Ground Pictures of Bolivar-1 (taken September 20, 2008)
On-Ground Pictures of Bolivar-2 (taken September 20, 2008)
Bolivar Flyover, Sept 17  (pictures taken by Vicky Courtney)
NOAA Satellite Images (taken after IKE passed through)
USGS photos (interesting, before and after IKE)

"I keep hearing that Crystal Beach is "Gone." Hogwash. It isn't gone. Maybe some of the wood and nails that made up houses are gone...But Crystal Beach is still there, and it will come back better than ever."
(Sarah Morrison Stephens, Deatsville, Alabama)

" most things, it wasn’t necessarily the physical structure that makes a place special but it was the people who lived there." (MR McDermott, Dallas TX)

FEMA Reports
Hurricane IKE Impact Report December 8, 2008 (.pdf file, 1.12 mb)
Hurricane Ike: Mitigation Assessment Team Report Recommendations, and Technical Guidance
Media Library: Hurricane Ike - Texas Hurricane Ike Photo Essay

Photo Gallery - 3 Years After Ike
Before Hurricane Ike, our community was populated with homes, vacation spots, and storefronts. The devastation ran deep, but we have come back stronger than before. Click here to see a photo gallery of various locations on Bolivar comparing the destruction left by IKE with the look three years later.

The "Ike Dike"
The Ike Dike is a proposed coastal barrier that, when completed, would protect the Houston-Galveston region including Galveston Bay from hurricane storm surge.

Here are two books written by Bolivar residents:

Surviving The Terror...IKE Winds Over Bolivar

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