Ships at Sea - Vessel Finder
Big Ships - We see them all over, especially when riding the Bolivar Ferry. Ever wonder where they've been or where they're going? Or what they may be carrying? With a couple clicks, you can find out.
Ships at Sea, Vessel Finder
Next time you're riding the ferry, snap a photo or write down the name of the ships you see along the way. Then go to and type in the Ship Name in the search box. Click on the official name that appears and check it out. You will see the ship information including what type of ship it is, its current location on the map, and the destination with estimated time of arrival. You can even scroll down to see the ship's last five port calls. It is amazing to see the miles these great ships travel. From small town Bolivar in Texas to far away waters of India, Saudi Arabia, and Russia.
Ships at Sea, Vessel Finder

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