Beaches of Crystal Beach & Bolivar Peninsula

The Beaches of Crystal Beach and Bolivar Peninsula

We have 27 miles of sandy beaches.  We are allowed to drive on the beaches, and that is a source of great pleasure to leisurely cruise the length of the peninsula.

What are our beaches like?

Go to any travel magazine you can find, and pick out pictures of several beaches in different locations around the US or in the world.

The beaches of Bolivar are just like all of them

The sand is not as white as Destin Florida,

The surf is not as rough as California, or any ocean,

The surf is gentle most of the time, gentle enough for the young ones to play in,

The beaches are not as wide as Padre Island's but wider than those in Galveston,

On holidays, many families enjoy our beaches; lots of days during the fall and winter, there are very few people on the beach,

We have plenty of sand for sandcastles, and the ocean is just as mysterious here as on the other side of the world.

Once a year, or so, in the summertime, the Sargassum Weed comes ashore. Read more...

- Mike Osten

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