Camping & Campfires - Crystal Beach & Bolivar Peninsula

Camping on Bolivar Camping is allowed anywhere on the 27 miles of beaches of Crystal Beach and Bolivar Peninsula. You can drive the beach and pick a spot to set up camp. Campfires are allowed.

There are no restroom facilities on the beach. There are a few porta-potties up and down the peninsula, and The Big Store has public restrooms. There are no public showers on Bolivar. Trash containers are available.

All Vehicles parked on beach must display a Bolivar Beach Parking Sticker.

Crystal Beach is the most popular area frequented by tent campers and RVs. It is closest to stores and restaurants, however, the area can be very crowded on summer weekends.

Camping on Bolivar
Camping on Bolivar On the west end of the peninsula, the beach is very wide and there are no houses. This area is called "the flats", reached by taking Rettilon Road off Hwy 87 (approx 3.7 miles from ferry landing).
The east end, closer to High island, is also a popular place to camp. The beach is narrower but there is plenty of room to set up your tent or travel trailer. Camping on Bolivar

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