Ride the Galveston-Bolivar Ferry
The Bolivar Peninsula is a thirty mile long sandy strip of land separating the Gulf of Mexico from the waters of East Galveston Bay. This is a popular vacation spot and is home to many year round residents as well.

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    Approaching the Bolivar Peninsula from Galveston Island, the visitor will be delighted to find the bay crossing will be accomplished by driving onto a free highway department ferry boat.

    Dolphins often accompany the 588 ton ferries on their three mile crossing. Often ocean-going ships may be seen on their way to or from the wharfs at Galveston, Texas City or Houston.

    Looking toward the left, the passenger will see a large concrete structure sticking out of the water which is the remains of a concrete ship, the Selma. She was built as an experimental vessel during World War I. The ship sank in 1922.

    Passengers may enjoy feeding the sea gulls from the back of the boat and the view from the observation deck is magnificent.

    This thirteen minute mini cruise always provides a thrill for children and a pleasant experience for adults. Bring your camera. - All Rights Reserved
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