Fun Things To Do - Crystal Beach and Bolivar Peninsula

Galveston-Bolivar Ferry Ride the Bolivar Ferry The Free Ferry service provided by the Texas Department of Transportation is the only way motorists can cross the waterway between Galveston and Bolivar. The 2.7 mile trip takes approximately 18 minutes to cross one of the busiest waterways in the world.
SS Selma Concrete Ship View SS Selma-Concrete Ship The SS Selma is a World War I reinforced concrete tanker scuttled decades ago off the coast of Galveston. The Selma is still visible today as you cross the bay on the ferry, and has become an interesting artifact to be viewed by locals and tourists alike.
Fort Travis Seashore Park Visit Fort Travis Seashore Park During World War I, Fort Travis garrisoned troops defending the Port of Galveston. In 1942, the fort was enlarged and 2,500 troops were stationed there. Now operated by the Galveston County Parks Department, the park includes a seawall, grassy areas, playgrounds, picnic tables and BBQ grills.
North Jetty Walk The North Jetty The North Jetty is located on the Bolivar Peninsula about two miles east of the Ferry landing. The jetty extends five miles into the Gulf and is a popular spot for fishing and crabbing. The first quarter-mile or so is a concrete walk, and after that large granite rocks. For a remarkable experience, the visitor may walk two miles out on the jetty.
Boilvar Point Lighthouse Photograph the Lighthouse The Bolivar Point Lighthouse was built in 1872 and towers 117 ft. above sea level. It guided mariners for 61 years and was retired in 1933. Today, it is privately owned and not open to the public, but still remains a popular photo opportunity.
Fishing in the surf Go Surf Fishing Fishing in the surf is a relaxing, economical and often rewarding experience. Take your rod and reel, some bait or lure, and toss your line out. Surf fishing is especially good in the summer when the green water comes all the way to the beach. The speckled trout are hungry and ready to take a lure or live shrimp.
Galveston Bay Explore Galveston Bay Galveston Bay offers some of the best saltwater fishing on the Gulf coast. Bolivar's East Bay is the preferred area of the bay to fish. East Bay has numerous oyster reefs, shoreline marshes, and offers many areas with limited wave action due to prevailing southern winds. Several boat launches are located on the peninsula, or take advantage of a guided trip with one of the local professional Fishing Guides.
Go Crabbing Go Crabbing Crabbing is quite simple and the items needed are minimal; a length of string, a net, chicken necks and an ice crest for the catch. The prime time to crab is during a high tide, and the prime location is along a bayside canal, the rock jetties, or along the intracoastal canal. NOTE: you need a fishing license to crab.
Rent a Golf Cart Rent a Golf Cart Golf carts are a fun way to drive on the beach. Cruise along the sand and look for shells or other sea treasures. Rent a 6-seater and take the whole family. Golf carts are legal on the subdivision roads so you can drive from your house to the beach. Take advantage of this great way to explore Bolivar beaches.  Golf Car Connection      Texas Custom Carts
Rent a Jet Ski Rent a Jet Ski Explore the Texas Gulf Coast! Our riding area is between Fort Travis and the North Jetty! Anchored Ships are a mile to 2 miles from our beach and weather permitted you can ride around them. ?To see even more Book a Tour Package! Crystal Beach Jet Ski Rental
Escape Room Adventure Escape Room Adventure The only indoor activity on the Bolivar Peninsula is the BOLIVAR ESCAPE ROOM. Use your brain, problem solve and work together to escape. Bring your family, friends, and coworkers for an hour of quality time together. Bolivar Escape Room
Waterslide Go Water-Sliding In Crystal Beach, Fun Spot Waterslide is one of the oldest water slides on the coast. For years, young and old have been hurrying to the top the top of the slide and positioning themselves for the coolest ride down to the bottom pool of crystal clear water.
Birding Tour the Bird Sanctuaries Bolivar Peninsula is one of the top birding destinations in the world, as enthusiasts from around the world flock to the area for the chance to view the spring or fall migrations that pass through this part of the coast. The Houston Audubon Society manages and maintains several bird sanctuaries on Bolivar Peninsula and High Island.
Play Golf Play Golf The Crystal Beach Community Golf Course is a 9 hole, par 35 layout. The course is short enough for the casual golfer, and on windy days, can challenge even the low handicappers. Cart rental available, so come on out and play a round.
Miniature Golf Play Miniature Golf The Gulf Range Miniature Golf Course opened in Crystal Beach across from the post office. The custom 18-hole layout is ADA compliant with wheelchair access on each hole. This is a family fun venue complete with a practice green in the shape of Texas, of course.
Festivals on Bolivar Texas Crab Festival The Texas Crab Festival on Mother's Day weekend offers family fun with lots of music, art, and crabs. Itís a full weekend of family fun on the Texas Gulf Coast. So grab your mom, grab the family and boogie on down to Bolivar Peninsula for the biggest beach party of the year!

Boogie Board Boogie Board the Waves The Bolivar waves are often just right for boogie boarding. Paddle your board just ahead of a breaking wave and ride it all the way to shore. This is fun for all ages.
Build a sandcastle Build A Sand Castle Building a sand castle on the beach can be buckets of fun! This is your chance to be creative, you have all the beach and sand you need. Find seashells or sea glass to or plenty of other treasures lying on the beach to decorate your sand castle. Your imagination comes to life on the beach.
Collect seaglass Collect Seaglass Seaglass is small pieces of glass that have been tumbled by the waves and worn down by the sand. The glass is opaque, and to a beach combers delight will come in various colors. You can find them in green, blue, all shades of brown, white and even red or orange if youíre lucky! Bring them home as reminders of your wonderful experience on Bolivar Peninsula.
Shark Tooth Find a Shark Tooth There are plenty of shark teeth along the beach, but it takes a trained eye to spot them. These are actually fossilized teeth from sharks that lived millions of years ago. The typical color is black, or very dark gray, and the shape is triangular and pointed. The size can vary, but most of the shark teeth found along the beach are no more than one-half inch in length, and many are smaller. If you happen to find one larger, you have a real treasure.
Sand dollar Look for a Sand Dollar Sand dollars are not easy to find these days, but with a little luck you may be able to find a whole one. Even finding broken segments is a delight to the average beachcomber. You are most likely to find sand dollars at low tide, especially after a storm.
String Shells String Shells Broken whelks and other conch-type shells are frequently found along the beach. Take a piece of string or twine long enough to drag behind you, and tie one of these shells to the end. As you walk along, thread the ones you find on the string and see how long you can make your shell line.
Identify shore birds Identify Shore Birds On Bolivar Peninsula, all sorts of shorebirds can be identified. Immediately you will see pelicans and seagulls flying overhead, or several species of terns and egrets. Perhaps you will see the beautiful American Avocet or the colorful Roseate Spoonbill.
Beach games Play Beach Games While soaking up the sun and fun, try a game of volleyball or washers, or horseshoes, or frisbee toss, all great games on the beach.
Kayak in the Surf Kayak in the Surf Kayaking can be fun and enjoyable, and is also a great low-impact workout. Launch in the surf and paddle out past the breaking waves. Relax in the gentle swells and view the beach from the water side. Then catch a wave for an exciting ride in. NOTE: Always were a life jacket.
Fly a kite Fly a Kite Kites are a great way to relax and enjoy the beach. Buy them at our local stores and have a blast. The kids will love them! Kites are available in several shapes, sizes and styles, and there is always a nice breeze off the Gulf to support kite flying most any time of year.
Hermit Crab Catch a Hermit Crab Surprise! That shell you just picked up may be somebodyís home! Hermit crabs are found all along the beach in the shallow waters. Hermit crabs curl up into a shell and live there. Pick one up, they will pull back into their shell and protect themselves with their claw. Place the hermit crab on your open palm and remain still, they will often come out of their shell and begin to move.
Sand Casting with beach sand Make a Sand Casting Mold the sands of time during your visit to the beach. Using plaster of paris, you can cast just about any object. Make a mold of your hand or foot; decorate with shells or seaglass found on the beach. Try a sand cast of a fish! Use your imagination for a unique beach memory.
Metal Detector Treasure hunt with a
Metal Detector
A fun and rewardable activity on the beach is using a metal detector. All sorts of treasures are to be found on the Bolivar Peninsula and there are great opportunities to be a DETECTIVE with your metal detector. So go out there treasure hunters! 
NOTE: Metal Detectors not allowed at Fort Travis Seashore Park.
Sunrise Watch the Sunrise What a great way to start your day, watching the sunrise on the beach. Take in the beautiful colors. Listen to the waves lapping against the shoreline. Feel the warmth as the sun slowly crawls above the horizon. Sunrises are perfect opportunities for taking pictures.  
Campfire Build a Campfire Some of the most memorable times are sitting around a camp fire enjoying family and friends. Tell tall tales, laugh, and roast marshmallows. Campfires are allowed on the beach, just check to make sure there is currently no Burn Ban in effect. And always extinguish your fire before leaving.
Pop fireworks Pop Fireworks Fireworks are allowed on the beach. A few times a year, stands are open selling a huge variety of pyrotechnics. Set up your own display and enjoy the dazzling array of colors, or sit back and watch the numerous other shows going on.

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Anahuac National Wildlife Refuge Anahuac National Wildlife
Anahuac National Wildlife Refuge is a vast expanse of coastal marsh and prairie bordering Galveston Bay. The 34,000 acre refuge is home to an abundance of wildlife, from migratory birds, to alligators, to bobcats, and more.
Galveston Historic Tour Galveston Historic Tour Galveston Historic Tour provides daily driving tours of historic Galveston on a 12 passenger electric shuttle. This sight seeing tour gives visitors an overview of Galveston's history, sights, and attractions.
Galveston Harbor Tour Galveston Harbor Tour Don't miss this chance to get a new perspective on Galveston Bay and the historic Port of Galveston. Knowledgeably narrated tours explore the wide variety of birds and marine life that teems in the Bay. The human activity in this busy port can only truly be appreciated from the water.
Segway Tours of Galveston Segway Tours of Galveston Take a Segway tour of Galveston for the adventure of a lifetime, the most entertaining way to tour the city. Segway Galveston offers several different guided tours throughout the year, including the Magical History Tour, the Tree Carvings Tour, and the Haunted Legends Tour. Segway is so much fun!
Galveston Island Historic Pleasure Pier Galveston Pleasure Pier The Galveston Island Historic Pleasure Pier features family oriented attractions including rides, midway games, food venues and retail shops. Some of the rides are over the water, soaring over the Gulf of Mexico! The Pleasure Pier is located on Galveston Island at 25th & Seawall Blvd.
The Strand District The Strand District This 36-block Strand Historic District in downtown Galveston holds everything one could desire: clothing, souvenirs, art & antique galleries, and excellent restaurants. Attractions include: Galveston County Museum, Railroad Museum, Victorian architecture from the 1800s, horse & carriage rides through town, and even a giant chess set in Saengerfest Park.
Moody Gardens - Galveston Moody Gardens Aquarium, rain forest, IMAX theater, museum, white sand beach, this tropical destination is ideal for families and groups alike.
Kemah Boardwalk Kemah Boardwalk Restaurants, shopping, amusements, rides, events throughout the year that appeal to all ages. The Fun Never Stops.
San Jacinto Monument San Jacinto Monument Experience the world's tallest monument tower and walk the battlefield that gave birth to the American West!
Schlitterbahn Waterpark Galveston Schlitterbahn Waterpark Daring speeds slides, endless rivers, uphill water coasters, waves for surfing, splashing and relaxing, plus kid-friendly water playgrounds.
Space Center Houston Space Center Houston Space Center Houston houses the history of the space program. It is the only place on Earth that gives guests an out-of-this-world journey through human adventures in space. Space Center Houston features a multitude of permanent exhibits and attractions, and presents an amazing array of traveling exhibits and astounding events.
Port of Houston Boat Tour Port of Houston Boat Tour Experience an unforgettable waterborne voyage through one of the busiest ports in the world aboard the Port of Houston Authority's FREE public tour boat! The Houston Ship Channel is recognized as a feat of civil engineering. It connects Houston to the world and the port remains the nationís leading port in terms of foreign tonnage, and 2nd in overall tonnage.

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